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I am a 39 years old straight single man living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Looking to Have a Great Time and Making you Smile

I LOVE SEX and seeing your face ache with passion and your body quiver as you cum over and over again. I would love to taste your sweet juices as they drip from your pusy down your thighs and the crack of your ass. Let me look right into your eyes as I slowly take my hands and go down your body. Exploring every inch of that beautiful firm skin, down your neck, caressing and squeezing your nipples, right down the center of your hard stomach. Just as I get down there I grab that skirt and rip it down to your knees and turn you around with command. Then I take those lace panties and slowly pull them out from between your cheeks as they cling because you are already so wet. Still holding your neck take my hand and go down the corner of your back, taking them slowly down your ass and ever so slightly massaging you right outside just to tease. Then I move them between your legs as I part them, taking my time in between, while running my fingers through your hair and letting you know I am in control. I am nibbling behind your ear and down the back of your neck pushing your head forward. Now I take my fingers between your legs and trace your lips and then rub your clit, over and over, harder and harder, faster and faster...until I take them and push them inside to feel that warm, wetness drip all over my hands and hear you beg for me. Now you cannot take it anymore and reach around and grab my pants and beg for me to take them off...but not yet, you haven't earned it...There is nothing sexier than picking up a gorgeous woman in a dress that lets you see enough to just drive you crazy all night! Her beautiful skin just teasing your eyes. Your hand finding every excuse to graze her arms and touch her back. We build so much sexual tension that its a wonder we can even function. Yet through the laughs, smiles and great conversations we find ourselves alone in a crowded room. We dance on the balcony and my lips come to yours and our next breath comes the next morning!!!

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